The eldest son of a family of farmers, Antonio Lavao had always wanted to adapt his lifestyle and turn it into a business. “I have always wanted to be a farmer” he says, and in 1996 , he set up Frunet. By 2003, all his farming methods and production became entirely organic, and the company is now one of the leading producers of organic farming in the area, employing over 100 people, mainly from the local village.

The head office and warehouse is in Algarrobo, about 25 miles from Malaga, in the south of Spain. There is also another warehouse in Almeria.

As well as producing its own organic vegetables, avocados and mangoes, Bio Frunet also works with local farmers who share the same aims. Namely, producing high quality organic produce . Many of the farmers have spent years working with the company and their success is testament to a great working relationship between local farmer and business.

All of the produce is grown around the Malaga, Granada and Almeria provinces, where the weather conditions are perfect for growing high quality, organic produce 12 month of the year.

During the winter, produce is grown nearer the coast where the weather conditions are milder, and during the summer, production moves higher up the mountains where the climate is cooler.

The aim of Frunet Bio is to bring organic produce to as many people as possible. “We can all benefit from organic farming” says Antonio, “It is healthier, more natural, and it can also minimises the impact of agriculture on the environment. We are convinced that organic farming is a viable alternative for everyone, not just a small part of the market”.